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This Naruto fan site was created by YamiKokoro93 in 2013. The Naruto Fan-Fiction Universe is and will be a place for all Naruto fan's to gather. We will try our best to do what we can to make this an entertaining experience. We will be hosting events such as character of the month, the chunin exams and much more. This website will be one where people can pit their characters against one another and share stories with. We encourage all who decide to be a part of our Naruto Fan-Fiction to make friends and enjoy the entertainment. Over time there will be improvements made because we always look to better the website.

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The main even that is happening right now is to fully get our website up and running.  I am looking for a team to help out with the process and make this into a great Naruto Fan-Fiction website.

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Falling dusk naruto world map by shinobidark72-d2trvsd
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